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 How to play Kunkka

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How to play Kunkka Empty
PostSubject: How to play Kunkka   How to play Kunkka EmptyMon 01 Jul 2013, 14:31

lvl to play: 2,4,8,9

How to play Kunkka Kunkka-torrent
This is his Q ability. It will after a 1.5 second delay stun the enemy for about 1.5 seconds and then slow the enemy for a period of time equal to the level of the torrent. This ability is maxed second after tidebringer. Important notes about the ability. It's cast range is legendary, at a glorious 1500. This can be used to get some great kills from fleeing enemies if the the torrents are timed correctly. This is the second most difficult ability to land in his arsenal and is made easier to land with his X Marks the Spot.

lvl to play: 1,3,5,7

How to play Kunkka Kunkka-tidebringer
This is Kunkka's signature ability, and boy is it a good one. This ability makes you viable in dual melee hard lanes and mid. It is a fantastic 500 aoe cleave. In addition, it adds damage to the cleave based on level. It does have a cooldown however, but that is reduced with levels. This ability is always maxed first as to harass the enemy team. Important notes about the ability, it will push the line, hard, so try and land as many last hits with one tidebringer swing when possible. Also, when chasing a low health enemy in a lane, it is sometimes beneficial just to attack the lane creep for the chance of nailing the hero for the kill. Of all his abilities, this is the easiest to use.

X Marks the Spot
lvl to play: 10,12,13,14

How to play Kunkka Kunkka-x-marks-the-spot
Kunkka's E ability is another very versatile one, with many practical applications. When used on a hero, any hero, it will force them back to the X after a period of time based on the level. This has several uses that are readily apparent. One, use it to set up a Torrent, by timing the returns right, it is possible to land every torrent every time. Second, chasing. If an enemy is fleeing, cast it on them to bring them back to a position you want them to be in, securing a kill. Third, when you are fleeing, cast it on them so they get sent back away from you. Now for more fun applications. This ability makes TPs practically useless if happen to be nearby. As the are tping, time the X Marks the Spot such that they are moved back as soon as they are gone, they will be so angry you won't believe it. This also works in conjunction with a super funny combo, the Pudge, Chen, Kunkka combo. Pudge will hook. While Pudge is hooking, Chen will teleport him back to base. Then Kunkka will X Marks the Spot Pudge to bring him back to the spot. Meanwhile the poor person who got hooked is sent to a one way trip to the fountain where he will most likely die. Although it his only non damaging ability, it is the one with the most useful applications. Smart use of this ability can make you one of the most annoying thorn in the enemies side.

Ghost Ship
lvl to play: 6,11,16

How to play Kunkka Kunkka-ghost-ship
Kunkka's ulti. It his flagship coming on to the field. Notes, it only does damage and stuns in a 400 radius where the ship explodes, making this ability the toughest ability to get right as there is a massive delay between seeing the ghost ship, and it actually exploding. The most important part of this ability isn't the damage, but the buff. When Kunkka uses the ult, all friendlies game Capt. CoCo's rum buff. This grants a speed boost and reduces damage by 50% before armor/magic reduction for 8 seconds. After the 8 seconds are up, you will then take the reduced damage. However, a player cannot die from this. This ult makes Kunkka a viable initiator, but one of the most skill based ones. The best of the ability in my opinion is how terrified enemies must be seeing a random ship fly out of no where. If nothing else, it definitely has massive shock value. Use the ability with other initiations who have aoe stuns to pull of some ridiculous chain stuns.

lvl to play:
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How to play Kunkka
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