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 Site - Forum Policy MUST READ !

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Site - Forum Policy MUST READ ! Empty
PostSubject: Site - Forum Policy MUST READ !   Site - Forum Policy MUST READ ! EmptyMon 01 Jul 2013, 13:40

For smoother navigation and entertainment to the community please read carefully the rules:

1. do not post to any section of the forum, only to increase the number of your post.

2. explicitly Prohibited username which have sex the insulting content or insult another Member of the community.

3. prohibits the advertising of pornographic materials-pirated link (software, movies, etc).

4. Not disclosing personal data of other future tense.

5. Without age, knowledge, we are not aggressive towards nationalities in other States, we are also in the community to dispel and to exchange opinions and knowledge rather than to sell. even we administrators won't always be correct.

6. administrators have every right to lock or a theme to any section of the forum at their discretion believe is correct for the smoother functioning of the community.

7. If a member considers that suffers personal or more generally from the community, please contact an administrator

8. be open to every comment/proposal relating to the better functioning of the community.

9. before starting a topic you should elegchete in the '' search '' If this topic already exists from a previous state.

10. in the event that you want to share a story with us, please at the end always indicate the source of the text.

11. prohibited any form of advertising.

12. every user has the right to have this action only one account.

13. if there is a damaged link anywhere on the forum please refer to administrators.

Violators will be removed from the community, we wish you good navigation.
For any questions contact us
7P DotA 2 Staff Team
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Site - Forum Policy MUST READ !
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