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 The Tribunal F.A.Q

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The Tribunal F.A.Q Empty
PostSubject: The Tribunal F.A.Q   The Tribunal F.A.Q EmptyMon 01 Jul 2013, 03:14

1. What is the Tribunal System?

The Tribunal System empowers the League of Legends community to regulate the conduct that it considers appropriate and supports the tenets of the Summoner's Code.

2. How does the Tribunal System work?

The Tribunal identifies players who have been consistently reported by the community over a large number of games and builds a Tribunal case for them. These cases are presented to random community members who use the Tribunal who then review the case files and render a judgment pardon or punish. Player Support then uses this information to help assign the right penalties to the right players.

3. What is the minimum Summoner level requirement to participate in the Tribunal?

Summoners must be Level 20 or above and not currently receiving a punishment by the Tribunal to participate.

4. What information is provided in Tribunal cases for reviewers?

Tribunal case evidence includes report reasons and comments, in-game chat log, per player stats and inventory, date, time, map, and mode for each individual game from which the case is built.

Tribunal cases do not provide Summoner names and other personal information.

5. How automated is the system?

The Tribunal automatically assigns some low-level penalties to players, such as e-mail warnings. More severe cases, however, are reviewed and assigned punishments manually by Player Support.

6. How does the Tribunal choose who to build a case for?

The Tribunal identifies players who have been consistently negative over a large number of games.

7. Why doesn't Riot post a list of rules for what you can be banned for?

We believe in giving the community what it needs to define itself and that includes what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Any rules provided by Riot Games could unnecessarily influence the community.

8. How many reports put you in the Tribunal?

Typically a large number of reports are required before a player appears in the Tribunal, so if you had a bad game and are reported, don't worry! You will most likely not end up in the Tribunal.

The Tribunal does take into account the credibility of the people who file reports. If you are a positive player in League of Legends and only report when the offenses deserve it, your reports will actually be worth a lot more in the Tribunal than someone who abuses the reporting system and falsely reports lots of players.

Generally, players who follow the Summoner's Code and respect their fellow gamers should never be concerned about seeing the Tribunal.

9. Does playing more games mean I have more chances of being banned?

The Tribunal takes into account how many games you have played. If you have played thousands of games and get reported a dozen times, you will be less likely to enter than the Tribunal than someone who played a hundred games and is reported a hundred times. However, if you are extremely, unbelievably toxic in a small number of games, then the Tribunal does not care if you have played thousands of games.

10. Do paying players get leniency?

Paying customers are treated exactly the same a non-paying customers by the Tribunal.

11. Can I be banned for not playing the meta?

Players are not banned by the Tribunal for not playing the meta; they are banned for consistently creating negative experiences for others.

We have data suggesting that reviewers of Tribunal cases are very thoughtful and accurate in their verdicts, so if you were reported for not playing the meta but were being a positive player, you can expect to be judged fairly.

In general, players should feel empowered to play what they want and to try new strategies; however, this does not give you a license to be disrespectful or rude to your fellow gamers.

12. Can I be banned for playing an unpopular champion?

No, the Tribunal does not ban players for playing unpopular champions. You should feel empowered to play any champion you like, any way you like as long as you are creating a positive experience for everyone in the game.

13. I disconnected from a game due to an emergency, will the Tribunal ban me?

Though you may be reported to the Tribunal, AFKs and leavers are managed by a separate system called LeaverBuster.

14. Does skipping count against your case limit?

Yes, but this could change in the future. The limit is currently 15 cases.

15. I've closed the game before I could report. Can I still report people?

Players can only report at the end of game screen.

16. Why is verbal abuse punishable if there is a mute button/language filter?

Players shouldn't need to rely on features like the mute button or language filter to engage with other players in positive ways. When a player verbally abuses another player and forces him to use the mute button, they have already created a negative experience for that player.

17. How can I be sure that other players aren't abusing the system by spamming punish votes?

The Tribunal System has become increasingly and progressively more accurate in determining who is truly voting and who is spamming or farming IP. In the Tribunal, we intentionally have many cases that should be pardoned which forces players to judge each case carefully to maintain a high accuracy.

18. What should I do if the chat log is in a language I don't understand?

Skip the case.

19. What does "Tribunal is in Recess" mean?

"Tribunal is in Recess" means that no cases are available for review in the Tribunal at the moment. This does not mean there are no more toxic players in League of Legends! The Tribunal just needs some time to build more cases.

20. Why haven't I received my IP yet?

Tribunal IP rewards typically take 2 to 3 weeks to process, so it is possible your rewards are still collecting for the next batch process.
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The Tribunal F.A.Q
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